Low Blows Network Update

January 26, 2018

We've heard your feedback and we're keeping the Low Blows flagship show FREE guys! Just listen every Wednesday at Patreon.com/HashtagLowBlows!


Low Blows 171: Making Wrestling Fun Again

January 24, 2018

- Making Wrestling Fun Again

- Tristan has been stalking Jade

- Rick's Guide to Japan

- The first-ever 'Fake News'

- Say Something Stupid/That Was Awesome

- Royal Rumble party/PPV preview

- CorporateCian is coming to Low Blows!

- The next stage of Low Blows is...



December 25, 2017

Happy Christmas!


Low Blows 170: This Isn’t Goodbye

April 5, 2017

- Recapping a mental #LowBlowsMania6 week...

- WrestleMania 33 reviewed

- Raw/SmackDown Live In Fast Forward

- Say Something Stupid/Class of Mania weekend

- We have an announcement :(


Low Blows Live 7: #ThankYouWoolshed

March 30, 2017

- The Glorious era gets interrupted by an old friend

- Rick wraps up the wrestling news and Scott Murray returns with some filthy jokes

- Kento joins for some Raw & SmackDown recaps and Dave's Mystery PPV is revealed!

- Jade gets the slaggings as someone challenges Rick in 30-Second Warning

- The Low Blows Band preview WrestleMania in song

- Justin Shape interview and Heel/Face

- #AskLowBlows and friends!

- The table quiz dramatic finale

- #ThankYouWoolshed


Raw In Fast Forward 22/3: Ba-Dum-Tish

March 23, 2017

- Recording at Low Blows Band rehearsal

- Raw/SmackDown Live In Fast Forward

- Say Something Stupid/Class

- WrestleMania odds released - where is the value bets?

- Lowsbud of the Year FINAL

- Dave's Mystery PPV NEW Clue

- Ask Low Blows on missed Rock/Austin opportunities, jizzing on belts, wrestling YouTube & more.


#SmackJade 20/3: Hanging Five & Highing Ten

March 20, 2017

- How class is Southpaw Regional Wrestling though?

- Paige gets hacked 

- Is Cena the right man to induct Kurt Angle?

- #RickRant about Kassius Ohno's ring gear

- RIP Dennis Stamp

- Is WrestleMania 33 a sneaky classic in the making?

- #RicksRawSpoiler

- 30-Second Warning with Brendan


Raw In Fast Forward 15/3: Maryse’s Blow-Up Doll

March 15, 2017

- Happy birthday Kento! His fill-in has some dirt...

- Raw & SmackDown Live In Fast Forward

- Say Something Stupid/Class

- How can YOU be Lowsbud of the Year?

- NEW Dave's Mystery PPV

- #AskLowBlows on Broken Matt names, is Scrappermania the peak for OTT, Erick Rowen's comeback & Christmas or WrestleMania?


#SmackJade 13/3: Few Owls, Be Grand

March 12, 2017

- What would you change for women in wrestling?

- Does Christopher Daniels being champ make you more interested in ROH?

- TWO new TV shows coming to the UK

- Reby Hardy goes on a mad one

- Guess their salaries!

- Who is our guest host for the Low Blows HOF Ceremony?

- #RicksRawSpoiler


Raw In Fast Forward 8/3: Steve Austin In Fast Forward

March 8, 2017

- Would-be superpowers regularly getting knocked on their arses

- Raw & SmackDown Live In Fast Forward

- Say Something Class/Stupid

- Justin Shape is coming to Low Blows Live 7!

- Dave gives TWO clues in his Mystery PPV

- #AskLowBlows on wrestlers as teachers, Buskers vs Woolshed, wrestling podcasts & hair vs hair.

- WrestleMania card analysis